Privacy Policy


Toolcie is a suite of tools for businesses and, in particular, allows them to create quotes and invoices. All data is stored in a global network of data centers managed by Alwaysdata.

This declaration applies to the Toolcie SaaS Application Services.

The Application Services allow the user to purchase products, subscribe or use other products and services offered by Toolcie or by third parties with separate privacy policies. Your usage of products and services provided by third parties, as well as any information that you provide to a third party, is governed by the privacy policies and declarations of the third party in question.

Notice for end users

This declaration is intended for the Customer, be they an organization, a company or an individual, who has finalized an agreement with Toolcie for the Application Services. All references to “you” and “your” in this Privacy Declaration apply to the Customer who may use the Application Services of Toolcie. Any information collected or managed by Toolcie under such circumstances is handled by us, on behalf of the Customer, who controls the collection and usage of the information. End users must send privacy-related requests to the entity offering them their service. Toolcie is not responsible for the privacy policies of its Customers.

Customer Data

Customer Data correspond to all data, including all text, as well as audio, video, and image files, that you provide to us, or that are provided to us in your name, through your usage of the Application Services.

Customer Data is used by the Application Services to offer the requested services. We use Customer Data only to prevent, detect, and resolve problems impacting the functioning of the Application Services, and during the improvement of features involving the detection of and protection against emerging threats such as malware.

Administrative Data

Administrative Data is information related to Users or Administrators, including account information and licenses, provided during the registration, purchase or administration of the Application Services, for example, name, address, phone number, and email address.

We use Administrative Data to finalize the transactions that you request, manage accounts, improve the Application Services, and prevent fraud.

We may contact you in order to obtain information about new subscriptions, invoicing, and important updates for the Application Services. Notably, this concerns information about security or other technical issues. We may also need to contact you regarding a third-party request for information concerning your usage of the Application Services, as described in the agreement(s). You cannot unsubscribe from such communications.

According to your contact preferences, we may also contact you by telephone or by email regarding information and offers for other products and services or to ask you to share your comments with us. You can manage your contact preferences or update your information in your account profile.

Payment Data

Payment Data is information requested during an online purchase. This information includes, in particular, the number of your payment method (e.g., a payment card or a PayPal account), your name and your billing address, the security code associated with your payment method (e.g., the visual cryptogram), and other financial data (Payment Data).

We use Payment Data to finalize transactions, as well as to detect and prevent fraud.

When you choose a payment service and provide Payment Data to said service, the service may offer you the option to store the data. Said data is stored by the payment service to allow you to carry out future transactions without having to re-enter the data. Toolcie does not, under any circumstances, keep or process Payment Data.

Assistance Data

Assistance Data is information that we collect when you submit a request for assistance or when you execute an automated problem resolution utility. This may include information regarding hardware, software, and other details related to resolution of the incident, for example: contact or authentication information, personalization of chat sessions, information about the status of the computer and of the application when the malfunction occurred or during diagnostics, system and register data regarding installed software and hardware configurations, and error tracking files.

Assistance may be provided by telephone, by email, or by online chat. We may need to use remote access, with your authorization, to temporarily navigate on your computer. Telephone conversations, online chat sessions, and remote access sessions with support professionals may be recorded and/or monitored. For remote access, you may also access the recording after your session. For online chat or remote access, you may terminate the session at any time of your choosing. We use Assistance Data as described in this privacy declaration and we also use it to resolve incidents and for training purposes.

After an incident is resolved, we may contact you about your experience and your offers. Unsubscribing from communications related to technical assistance is done separately from other communications sent by Toolcie. To do so, contact the technical assistance team or use the unsubscribe link provided in the email footer. Contact us to verify or modify your personal information collected via our assistance services.

Authentication Data

Authentication Data is the identifiers, including email addresses, usernames, and passwords, enabling access to the Application Services.

Identifiers are personal and confidential. They can only be changed by request from the Customer or on the initiative of the Provider, subject to providing prior notice to the Customer. The Customer undertakes to use every measure possible to keep their Identifiers secret and to not disclose them in any form whatsoever.

The Customer is entirely responsible for the usage of the Identifiers and is responsible for keeping the access codes provided to them. The Customer shall ensure that no other person not authorized by the Provider has access to the Application Services and to the Solutions. In general, the Customer assumes responsibility for the security of the individual workstations used to access the Solutions. In the event that the Customer becomes aware that another person has accessed the Solutions, the Customer shall inform the Provider without delay and shall confirm the information via a registered letter.

In the case of loss or theft of one of the identifiers, the Customer shall use the procedure established by the Provider and described in the online knowledge base, allowing them to recover their login details.

Cookies and other information

The Application Services use cookies, i.e., small text files placed on the hard drive of a device by a web server. We may use cookies and similar technologies to store user preferences and settings, to authenticate users, and to collect information of an operational nature about the Application Services or for the purposes of fraud prevention.

Third parties that we have hired to provide certain services on our behalf, such as analysis of the website, may also use cookies when you use the Application Services.

Information sharing

We do not disclose Customer Data, Administrative Data, Payment Data, or Assistance Data (“your information”) outside of the Application Services of Toolcie SaaS or its subsidiaries and controlled affiliates, unless you request such disclosure or as described in your agreement(s) or this Privacy Declaration.

  • We occasionally sign contracts with other companies in order to offer services (such as customer assistance) on our behalf. We may allow these companies to access your information when they need it in order to uphold their commitment. These companies must guarantee the confidentiality of your information and they do not have the right to use the information for any purpose other than the one for which they were hired by Toolcie.
  • We do not disclose Customer Data to any third party (including police, another national entity or a civil plaintiff, except for our contractors) unless you request that we do so or if the law requires it. If a third party were to contact us with a request for Customer Data, we would try to ask them to contact you directly. In this scenario, we would potentially give your basic contact information to the third party. If we are forced to disclose Customer Data to a third party, we shall make reasonable efforts from a commercial perspective to warn you ahead of time of the disclosure, unless the law prohibits us from doing so.
  • The Services may allow you to purchase, subscribe to, or use services, software, and content offered by companies other than Toolcie (“Third-party Offers”). If you choose to purchase, subscribe to, or use a Third-party Offer, we may share your Administrative Data with the third party so that they can provide you the requested Service (and, according to your contact preferences, send you promotional communications). This information and your usage of a Third-party Offer shall be governed by the Privacy Declaration and the policies applicable to third parties.
  • We will not respond substantively to requests regarding data protection and privacy coming from your end users without your prior written approval, unless the law requires that we do so.

Location of Data

Data is stored in France and in Europe. It is hosted in Alwaysdata data centers. Data may be transferred to a main geographic region (e.g., to the United States or within Europe) for the purposes of Data redundancy or for other reasons.

According to the restrictions described above, the Data processed by Alwaysdata may be transferred to, then stored and processed in, the United States or in any other country in which Alwaysdata or its affiliated companies, subsidiaries or service providers manage infrastructure. Alwaysdata complies with the security principle established by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Swiss Ministry of Commerce in the area of the collection, usage, and retention of data coming from the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

Contact us

Your comments are welcome. If you believe that Toolcie is not upholding its privacy or security commitments, please contact us through our website:



Publication date of the privacy policy: May 6, 2018