Create complex quotes with your company’s branding

With Toolcie, creating your quotes and estimates takes on a new dimension.

Customize the appearance of your estimates to fit your company’s brand.

Effortlessly create complex quotes.

Offer your customers the option to accept your quotes online.

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Key features

Multi-groups and optional groups

Create complex quotes and estimates with groups and subgroups. Within each, add text and images. Groups can be set as optional.

Accept online with e-signing

You and your customers can easily and securely accept and sign your quotes and estimates online.

Convert a quote to an invoice

Convert your quotes into deposits, balances, or complete invoices. Select optional groups to be invoiced and the mode of display to use.

Send via email

Once your estimate is complete, easily send it to your customer through your software.

Share online

Easily and securely share your quotes online with just a click.

Document templates

Boost your productivity by creating reusable document templates.

New versions or variations

Make new versions or variations from an existing document in just a click. The documents will be automatically linked for optimal tracking.

Preview in real time

The editing interface allows you to view the final document in real time without having to generate a PDF or use the sharing function.


Add discounts on quote entries and groups.


Add fees on quote entries and groups.


Whether you are subject to a single tax or multiple taxes, managing all this couldn’t be easier. The detailed view of taxes will make sure you comply with applicable laws.

Import items

Add your products, services, and bundles of items to your quotes in just a click. The detailed listing of your items will add value to your estimates.

Quote / Estimate / Offer

Use the right term depending on the type of document you want to create.

Information and conditions

Display your information, as well as general terms and conditions, in the page header and footer. Save your preferences to save time on your future estimates.

Real-time collaboration

Have multiple people working on the same quote: your work is synced in real time.

Your customers will accept your quotes & estimates 5x faster on average

Toolcie allows you and your customers to accept and sign your sales documents online, including quotes, estimates, and offers.

Your customers will no longer need to print, sign, and scan your quotes, then send them to you. Everything can be done online in just a few clicks.

Online acceptance is both easy and secure. The signing feature complies with the European eIDAS regulation, guaranteeing the validity of electronic signatures, as well as with the U.S. ESIGN and UETA laws.

Electronic signatures can be written, uploaded, or typed.

Your customers will accept your quotes & estimates 5x faster on average

Customize your quote & estimate templates any way you want

With Toolcie, you can choose from over 14 pre-made quote and estimate templates.

Once installed, you can fully customize them by selecting colors, fonts, font sizes, backgrounds, items to be displayed and their placements, resizing your company’s logo, etc.).

The tool also allows you to import your own letterheads.

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Customize your quote & estimate templates any way you want

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