How to accept online bank transfer payments?

The advantages of online bank transfer payments

Toolcie allows its users to accept online bank transfer payments through an integration with Stripe, an online payment platform. This payment method offers several advantages:

  • Customers or businesses can use bank transfers to send money directly to your bank account.
  • This payment method is frequently used for high-value inter-business payments.
  • The process is 100% automated, which means payment collection and invoice status changes happen automatically.

Supported bank transfer solutions

Toolcie supports several bank transfer solutions, including:

  • SEPA Bank Transfer for the European Union
  • ACH Bank Transfer for the United States and Canada
  • UK Bank Transfer for England
  • Sofort for the European Union
  • Bancontact for Belgium
  • iDEAL for the Netherlands

Other solutions can be added based on users' needs.

How to enable online bank transfer payment

To enable online bank transfer payment with Toolcie, follow these steps:

  1. Add or modify your current payment method from your invoice in edit mode.
  2. Enable "Online Payment" mode. This setting is also available from the main menu "Settings > Payment methods".
  3. Upon activation, you'll need to sign in or create an account with Stripe, our payment partner.
  4. Once your Stripe account is connected, you can enable the desired payment method, such as SEPA or ACH, through your Stripe account.

How to send the invoice to the customer

Once the payment method is enabled, you can send the invoice to the customer via email through the application. The email will contain the direct link for online payment. You can also retrieve this payment link by sharing the invoice or copying the link displayed in the invoice under the "Payment Information" section.

Verifying payment mode activation

Once the Stripe payment method is properly configured and enabled, you should see the "Pay" button appear on the invoice. The customer can click this button to make the online bank transfer payment.

It's important to note that bank transfers may take a few business days to process, and processing times may vary depending on the banks involved. You'll need to wait a few days for the payment to be collected in your bank account.

In conclusion, accepting online bank transfer payments is a quick and convenient payment method for customers and businesses. With Toolcie, you can easily enable this payment method and send invoices to your customers for quick and automatic collection. Don't forget to verify that your Stripe account is properly configured to accept bank transfers and inform your customers of this convenient payment option.

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