How to create an invoice with the Swiss QR Code

In Switzerland, “QR-bills” replaced the red and orange payment slips on June 30, 2020.

As a creditor, you can easily issue your invoices with Swiss QR Codes using Toolcie.

Before configuring Toolcie this way, you must already have a standard Swiss IBAN.

Once you have your IBAN, add a new payment method by going to “Settings > Payments”, then click on the button to add a new payment method Add payment method. Next, activate bank payment using the switch  Bank payment switch button and complete the IBAN field.

At this point, you have basically completed the configuration. You can create a new invoice and verify that the QR code does indeed appear. In draft mode (document not finalized), the QR code displayed is just an example. The final QR code will be automatically generated during document finalization (when downloading/printing the PDF or sharing the invoice).

If the Swiss QR code does not appear on your invoice, check the following points:

  • the payment information is set to appear on the invoice (switch set to ON)
  • the currency used on the invoice is the Swiss franc (CHF) or euro (EUR)
  • your IBAN starts with “CH” for Switzerland or “LI” for Liechtenstein
  • the company’s address is in Switzerland or Liechtenstein
  • you invoice is not a credit note
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