Modifying an item on a quote or invoice

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When adding a product or service to a quote or invoice, you have the option to modify it at any time.

There are different ways to modify the item :

  1. on the document itself
  2. in the database of items

Modifying the item on the document itself allows you to replace certain fields like the price, discount, name, description or unit of the item, without these edits impacting the item in the database.

Modifying an item in the database, meanwhile, allows you to modify the item both on the document and in the database of items. As a result, this will also modify your other documents not yet finalized that use the same item.

To modify a product or service on a document or in the database, click on the contextual menu Contextual menu on the right of the line item.

You can go back at any time and reset the modification made to an item in a document by clicking the reset button for the field Reset product button.

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