Advanced search

Advanced search

21 February 2019

Advanced search is now available! The application already had a keyword search feature, but it didn’t let you precisely filter by date, price, status, type, etc.

The new search feature smartly incorporates real-time text-based search and allows you to search with different filters and operators like smaller than, larger than, containing, starting with, ending with, etc. This search applies to all types of content, including Quotes, Invoices, Contacts, Products, etc.

Don’t hesitate to send us your ideas for new filters.

Advanced search in quotes and invoices

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Revenue statistics by customer and number of sales per product

We’ve just introduced new statistics on the dashboard.

You can now view your five best customers and your five best-selling products.

We’ve also added a pie chart that allows you to identify at a glance where your best customers stand as a percentage of your total revenue.