Listing of services

Listing of services

19 February 2021

In addition to products, Toolcie can now list your services on quotes and invoices.

A service can be created the same way as a product. Creating services instead of products offers the advantage of finding them more easily in the interface, while also allowing you to display them separately in the footer of your quotes and invoices.

With this update, we’ve changed the “Products” terminology to “Items.” All of your existing products can now be found on the “Items” tab.

On the page listing all of your items, we have added a system of tabs that allows you to display all of your products, all of your services, or all of your items at once.

Other articles

Two new roles for salespeople

We’ve just added two new roles allowing you to assign users as salespeople.

The “Sales” role allows the user to manage their own quotes and the “Advanced Sales” role allows them to manage all quotes and estimates. These two roles do not give the user access to the company’s invoices.

Revenue statistics by customer and number of sales per product

We’ve just introduced new statistics on the dashboard.

You can now view your five best customers and your five best-selling products.

We’ve also added a pie chart that allows you to identify at a glance where your best customers stand as a percentage of your total revenue.