Quote and invoice templates

Quote and invoice templates

21 September 2020

Certainly the most anticipated new feature in the Toolcie application is the ability to create templates for quotes and invoices that are fully customizable. You can try it out now!

This new feature allows you to easily and flexibly change the design of all your documents.

Choose the font(s) you want from a selection of over 900 fonts, change the color of your text, backgrounds, and borders, and change the location and appearance of the various page elements. Add a background pattern or an image for the header and footer.

The tool also allows you to select the placement of the customer’s address down to the centimeter. That’s ideal if you send your documents by mail.

This new tool also allows you to label your quotes and invoices to match your letterhead. What’s more, you can easily import your letterhead into Toolcie in a PDF or image format.

To top it all off, we’ve prepared over 14 ready-to-use templates for you. All that’s left is to install them and make the most of them. Of course, our templates are fully customizable.

Customize an existing template

Install a new template

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