How do I complete a bulk import and export of contacts?

Toolcie allows you to do a bulk import and export of your existing and prospective customers.

Before starting

Here is what you need to know before starting this process:

  • To carry out this process, you must use a spreadsheet in an application such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, saved or exported as a comma-separated values (CSV) file.
    See how to do this with Microsoft Excel
  • Importing is limited to 500 entries. If you have more than 500 contacts, please import them in several batches.

Bulk importing contacts

To import new contacts, in the Contacts section, click on the import Import button button. When the dialog box opens, click on the link to download a sample file. Once you’ve filled in the file, import it using the upload button Upload button.

Bulk updating contacts

To update contacts, use the sample file described in the previous section or the export file from the next section.

The import process will determine if a new contact is being added or if an existing contact is being updated based on the following fields:

  • Company name
  • Zip/Postal code
  • Country

Bulk exporting contacts

To export contacts, in the Contacts section, check the Checkbox boxes for the contacts that you want to export, then click on the export button Export button.

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