Managing discounts on quotes and invoices

Toolcie allows you to manage discounts and other price reductions on your quotes and invoices in several different ways.

You can add discounts per line/entry, but also by group of entries (overall discounts).

The discount always includes two fields:

  • the type of discount: percentage or fixed amount
  • the value of the discount

How do I add a discount to a line item?

To add a discount when creating an entry, just click the Checkbox “Discount” checkbox, then complete the fields described above.

For a line/entry that’s already been created, click on the contextual menu Contextual menu to add the discount.

How do I add a discount to a group of items?

If you want to add an overall discount or a discount to a group of items, click on the “Add” Add button button, then on the “Discount” Discount button button.

If you want to apply a discount to the total amount of the document after taxes, choose the "Fixed amount" discount type, and then from the dropdown menu, select "Tax incl.".

You also have the option to apply the discount to a specific set, such as a subgroup, or for example, after a subtotal. To do this, use the toggle button "Apply to the total amount of entries" Toggle button to deactivate the option. Once the discount is inserted, move it to apply it to the desired position.

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