Text library

What is the text library for?

The text library allows you to create reusable text to save time later. You can insert text from the library when a text field has multiple lines.

How do you use it?

When you click on the text field in the editing bar, the button Text library icon allows you to search for text from the library. The button Save icon allows you to save the text being written to the library.

For quotes and invoices, you can also set your default text (header text, footer text, email text) by going to “Settings > Quotes” and “Settings > Invoices”.

You can also set various text signatures by going into your personal settings (the menu located on the upper right of the application), then to the “Signatures” tab.

What are “text types” for?

Text types allow you to categorize pieces of text to find them more easily. Text types can also be used to display tokens (variables) that can be used based on the context. For example, the text type “Email for quotes” allows you to use tokens such as “Customer last name”, “Customer first name”, “Quote reference ID”, or “Quote amount”. These different tokens will be automatically replaced by the corresponding values for the document.

Link to this article: https://toolcie.com/en/support/k/text-library
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