Improvement to the reference number

Improvement to the reference number

17 April 2019

We’ve improved the reference number for quotes and invoices in three ways.

The first is that the counter will reset to zero when the new year begins. In concrete terms, that means that if your last reference number in 2019 was “2019-337”, in 2020, the next number will be “2020-001.”
Of course, this reset will only occur if the reference number format includes the year.

The second improvement has to do with the minimum number of digits in the reference number. The minimum now contains five digits (e.g., 00001) and three digits if the reference contains the year (e.g. , 2019-001).

The third and final improvement makes it easier to change the format of the reference number. You can now add tokens that will then be automatically replaced by the correct values. You can preview the final result just below the field.

Edition of the reference number

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