Software certified for the VAT Fraud Prevention Law

Software certified for the VAT Fraud Prevention Law

3 December 2018

If your company is based in France, you are undoubtedly aware that since January 1, 2018, you are obligated to use checkout software that complies with and is certified under the VAT Fraud Prevention Law (“Loi Anti-Fraude à la TVA”, Art. 88 of the 2016 French Finance Law).

Toolcie is now certified as of November 30, 2018! As this law only applies to France, it was no easy task to make the necessary changes. Companies using Toolcie outside of France should not be impacted by the law.

As such, we created a special version for France to comply with the four required criteria, which are:

  • Data unalterability
  • Data security
  • Data preservation
  • Data archiving

At the top right of your account, you will find the link to download the declaration of compliance.

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