Even more customization for quotes and invoices

Even more customization for quotes and invoices

24 December 2020

We’ve worked on quotes and invoices to make them even more customizable.

You can now :

  • add new units (hours, quantity, flat fee, etc.)
  • add new types of documents (quote, estimate, invoice, etc.)
  • add new statuses (sent, approved, 1st reminder, etc.)
  • show or hide the author of the document

As a reminder, this year, we also launched the option to create quote and invoice templates.

You can now add, modify, or delete units, types of documents or statuses directly in editing mode by clicking on the dropdown menu for the element in question, then clicking on Settings icon Manage.

Add a status in a quote or an invoice


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Document templates, new versions of quotes, know the percentage of a quote that’s been invoiced: all these new features will boost your productivity!

Two new roles for salespeople

We’ve just added two new roles allowing you to assign users as salespeople.

The “Sales” role allows the user to manage their own quotes and the “Advanced Sales” role allows them to manage all quotes and estimates. These two roles do not give the user access to the company’s invoices.