Text library

Text library

8 January 2021

We’ve just added a new feature that allows you to save your segments of text to a library so that they can be reused later.

This library can be accessed from anywhere in the application, for example, when creating a quote or an invoice, or when sending a document to a customer.

All of your existing text, including your signatures, has been transferred to the library.

We’ve also incorporated a mail merge system that allows you to add tokens, such as the customer’s name and the invoice amount. These tokens are then automatically replaced when you send the document.

Text library for quotes and invoices

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Revenue statistics by customer and number of sales per product

We’ve just introduced new statistics on the dashboard.

You can now view your five best customers and your five best-selling products.

We’ve also added a pie chart that allows you to identify at a glance where your best customers stand as a percentage of your total revenue.

Quote and invoice templates

Certainly the most anticipated new feature in the Toolcie application is the ability to create templates for quotes and invoices that are fully customizable. You can try it out now!