All the new features in Toolcie

All the new features in Toolcie

10 January 2024

Over recent months, we have worked to improve the software and add new features. Here is a summary of these.

More payment methods

Toolcie now offers over 30 international and local payment methods.

You can accept your customers’ payments by credit/debit card or online bank transfer, or even payments in installments with solutions such as Klarna, Afterpay and Affirm.

More flexible discounts and fees

Previously, it was impossible to apply discounts and fees across a group. Now, you can apply them to a specific set, such as a subgroup, or following a subtotal for example.

Hiding or displaying the total taxes

When a quote or an invoice does not have tax, you can now choose whether the total taxes should be displayed or hidden.

This feature can be enabled or disabled for each document from its settings. You can also change this setting by default for your future documents by going to:

  • Settings > Quotes
  • Settings > Invoices

Previewing emails before they are sent

When sending an email, it is sometimes useful to be able to preview it before it is sent. This is now possible. You can use the “Preview” tab to check the content and format before sending it to the customer.

Invoice and quote bulk export

It was already possible to bulk export documents in CSV format. Now, you can export them in PDF format.

Other articles

Listing of services

In addition to products, Toolcie can now list your services on quotes and invoices.

Advanced search

Advanced search is now available! The application already had a keyword search feature, but it didn’t let you precisely filter by date, price, status, type, etc.